Creating Common Modules - Expecting Huge Improvements

Board and Lodging


For international participants meals are for free, all other participants can register individually for the meals at check-in and pay the usual fees. Civilian participants have to pay following fees:
Breakfast: € 1.60
Lunch: € 2.80
Dinner: € 1.60


Because of a limited number of rooms available at the Rothschild Castle, it is generally envisaged that international participants will be accommodated at the seminar centre and national participants at civil hotels nearby.

Accommodation for international participants will be free of charge. International cadets and students will be accommodated at Theresan Military Academy in Wr. Neustadt for free. (Shuttle will be provided by organization team)

National participants have to take care for accommodation on their own. To facilitate the booking we recommend three hotels, which are suitable and within walking distance from the conference centre.

Gasthof Flackl
phone: 02666/52291

Gasthof Kobald
phone: 02666/52461

Raxalpenhof “Familie Scharfegger”
phone: 02665/526

If there are any questions concerning board and lodging please get in contact immediately with the administration team (navigation box "Administration team").