Leisure facilities

This site should give the participants the opportunity to plan their leisure time and organize some side events by themselves.

Castle amenities
Apart from the cafeteria some recreation facilities are offered. You can use a fitness room, a sauna or tennis courts.

In Reichenau

Even though the town of Reichenau might seem at small at first glance, as a historically noble spa location of the old Austro-Hungarian monarchy, it certainly has many historical and cultural sights on offer. The small book "Reichenauer Spaziergänge" is certainly recommended for browsing and is available at the tourist centre. You can find information about the comprehensive cultural events in Reichenau via link "Tourism office".

In the Region
The region is proper for hiking or mountainbiking because of the impressive landscape. You can choose trails on each level of  difficulties. Beside a huge amount of museums the areas of Schneeberg and Rax offer broad impressions and possibilities for activities. You can find detailed information also via the link "Tourism office".